“Your property partner for over 10 Years”



Do you know what your property is worth? Do you have realistic expectations of rental income? If you’re asking too much, you risk long period with your property empty, but if...

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Step 1

Letting review

There’s a lot to think about when you’re planning to let out your property. Above all, you need to make sure that everything is set up to protect your....

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Step 2

Market your property

The key to finding you the best tenant is to advertise your property widely and get a good range of applicants to choose from. We’ll market your property,...

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Step 3

Select tenants

We review all tenant applications and carry out reference, proof of identity and financial checks (including validating their guarantor, if they need one) to determine...

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Step 4

Inventory check

An inventory protects you as the landlord, and your tenant. It avoids disputes, especially over the return of the deposit. The tenant is required to return the property....

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Step 5

Ongoing tenancy management

f you just want us to find your tenant, our agreement stops after Step 5. But if you’d like us to manage every aspect of your tenancy for its duration, we will also do...

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Step 6
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