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We offer a specialist service for landlords - providing everything you need under one roof. From lettings only to full portfolio management, including asset liquidation.

Our services include:

  • Free Expert Review
  • Free Valuation Request
  • Let Your Property
  • Sell Your Property
Kiriakos Loizides

Why Us?

Experience - The Property Tree is run by Kyriakos Loizides. He has 14 years experience in the property industry, including seven years running Property Tree (Europe) Ltd. Kyriakos also owns a buy-to-let property, and so has ongoing first-hand experience of the property industry - both as a service provider and investor.

Client Service - At The Property Tree, Kyriakos is your single point of contact for all matters relating to your property. You will never be handed-off to a junior or inexperienced member of staff, or encounter communication breakdowns.

100% Rent Payment Track Record - We are the only agent in North London to share our rental payment track record - currently 100%. More specifically, over the last seven years, every landlord has received every single rental payment due. This has been achieved through industry-leading tenant checking, pro-active tenant management and diligent financial controls.

Our experience, superior client service and 100% rental payment track record make us the number one choice for landlords in North London.

Contact us today for a free expert review of your portfolio, and find out if you can achieve a better return on investment.

Client Testimonials

"I known and worked with the Kyriakos for about 10 years now... work is thorough and payment is always on time every month. I have no hesitation in recommending this company to anyone wanting to rent or sell their property in the areas they cover."
"II have found The Property Tree to be professional and helpful at all times. I have a number of properties with them and I am pleased with their performance in collecting and paying the rent every month without fail. I would recommend The Property Tree to any landlord wanting a professional sales and lettings agency to sell or rent their property."
"I have found The Property Tree to be professional, giving sound advice and ready to deliver on whatever was required."
"I have used the services of The Property Tree for over two years now, and I am very pleased with their excellent service."

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